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2 Minute Tutes - Scanning

In 2 minutes, you should know:

  • Why scan?
  • Scanning basics
  • Scan an image into a document
  • Scanning a document

Why scan?

Scanning is the process of making a digital copy of a physical image such as a photo, magazine or document.  People scan images for different reasons including

  • use an image in a document
  • edit an image (such as removing the 'red-eye' effect in a photo)
  • email an image to friends around the world
  • fax the image directly from your computer
  • make a colour photocopy
  • scan a document into a word processor to enable it to be edited
  • simply save it for later use

Scanning is quite simple, but because there are many reasons to scan, there are many ways to scan.  This guide should help you decide the best way to scan what you want.

Scanning basics

With most scanners, there are two main ways to scan.  Start the scanner software (usually by pressing a button on the scanner) then specify where you want the scan to go, or start the application where you want the image, then import or 'acquire' the image.

If your scanner software asks you questions to do with 'resolution' or 'format' then refer to our 2 Minute Tute on Pictures for an explanation.  Because every scanner is different, the procedure for your scanner may vary.

Scan an image into a document


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You will be able to start commonly used programs more quickly.  They may appear on the Start menu above "All Programs," as icons on the desktop or buttons near the start button.


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